Hakataori Necktie

¥15,255 ¥10,000

Hakataori Necktie with grand opening special deal!

This is the pre-order product. It will take 6 weeks to 8weeks to ship it out.

  • Made in Fukuoka (Packaging made of paulownia wood and traditional Japanese paper is used for wrapping)
  •  Handmade product
  • 100% silk Hakataori
  • Original Kenjogara pattern

Please check “Description” for product details.

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The Pattern

Dating to the mid 1200ʼ s, this pattern is unique to the Hakata style of weaving. There are four repeating stripes, each inspired by Buddhist thought. The pattern is called Kenjogara in Japanese.


The Fabric

100% silk, heirloom quality and durability, crafted using techniques more than 700 years old.

Produced only in Fukuoka, Japan by craftsmen based around Fukuokaʼ s Hakata Ward and known as Hakata-ori.


About the Kenjogara Pattern

“Kenjo” is a gift given to a superior, and “gara” means pattern. In samurai days the feudal lord who ruled over Hakata gave kimono sashes with this pattern to the Shogun every year.

Each stripe in the pattern has a particular meaning. More about Kenjogara Pattern → Click here